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Investment Portfolio – August 2020 Performance
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Investment Portfolio – August 2020 Performance


August 2020 Performance

📊 This is the latest update about my investment portfolio on eToro.

📊 August 2020 performance: +4.60%

📊 2020 YTD performance: +58.57%

August 2020 was a positive month for my investment portfolio: 4.6% profit.

I’m currently about 58% in profit since the beginning of 2020, which is great. I’m pleased.


My Investment Strategy

💹 My investment strategy is for long-term growth (capital gain and cashflow).

💹 My portfolio is structured to take advantage and grow the capital also during a financial crisis and a global recession (so it’s perfect for the current situation in 2020).

📊 Asset allocation: ~95% on cryptos, ~4% on ETFs and ~1% on stocks.

📊 My portfolio is very volatile, due to the current asset allocation based mainly on cryptocurrencies.

👥 I have more than 210 followers and 8 copiers.

📊 My average risk score of the last 7 days is: 6

💵 Assets under management: less than $50,000

📅 Portfolio active since October 2017 (almost 3 years)

Most of my positions are open for a long time (months or years), but some positions are opened and closed in a few days.

👨🏻‍💻 I manage and monitor the portfolio manually, every day.

📩 I send recurring reports to all my copiers and I share it also on my website here.

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💰 Recommended copy amount: $2000 or more

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I have closed my long positions on the indices, before the correction that happened at the beginning of September, with a profit of about 60%. However, I’ve opened new LONG positions on the Nasdaq via $TQQQ (ProShares UltraPro QQQ), but at lower levels. I’m expecting further downside (on all asset classes) for a while, until the elections in US, so I am going to use each dip/pullback to open more LONG positions for the long term. For this reason, I have multiple pending orders on $TQQQ at lower levels. I prefer to open LONG positions and hold them, even in case there will be a bear market, because in the long term it will recover for sure, as always has been.

The Nasdaq ($NSDQ100), the S&P 500 ($SPX500) and the Dow Jones ($DJ30) are clearly trading in a downward trend now.

All 3 indices, however, are still trading above the 200 moving average, which is a bullish signal.

The fundamentals are still not good (high unemployment rate and a lot of businesses are closing or firing employees) and we now have a “second wave” of coronavirus with new restrictions across the world.

This could lead potentially to a new crash on the market, as it happened in March. If that happens, in my view, it will be a great opportunity to buy at discounted prices.






Gold ($GOLD) and Silver ($SILVER) are now trading in a clear downward trend, despite the current global economic situation.

This means that there is a positive correlation between these commodities and the stock market (usually is the opposite). 

As mentioned previously, I’m not investing in them, but I prefer to invest in stocks because I can get a better return in the long term.

They are both near the oversold RSI values at the moment, so a bounce up in the short term is very likely.




I have closed all my LONG positions in $USO, the ETF of Oil ($OIL), that I have opened in April, when it reached the bottom.

I’ve closed them at a profit of around 40% before they started to go down in September.

I’m not planning to open new positions on OIL.




Bitcoin ($BTC) started to go down after the price has been rejected at the resistance below $12,500 (false break out).

Bitcoin ($BTC), along with the other cryptocurrencies and commodities, are also going down along with the stock market.

However, Bitcoin has found support at $10,000, which is a positive sign. In fact, Bitcoin is holding its price better than the other asset classes, so far.

I have opened more LONG positions on Bitcoin at $10,000, because it could be the last chance to buy it at that price. Currently, more than 50% of my portfolio is invested in Bitcoin.

However, I’m still cautious because it could still go down that level in the short term. For this reason, I have multiple pending orders at lower levels. 

Anyway, I’m HOLDING all my LONG positions on Bitcoin ($BTC) and the other cryptocurrencies, with no stop loss and no take profit, because I believe in the long term growth of this sector.



I have also LONG positions on many the other cryptos, such as Ethereum ($ETHEREUM), Ethereum Classic ($ETC), Stellar ($XLM), NEO ($NEO), EOS ($EOS), Cardano ($ADA), IOTA ($MIOTA), ZCASH ($ZEC), TRON ($TRX), Tezos ($XTZ), Binance Coin ($BNB), Bitcoin Cash ($BCH), Ripple ($XRP), Dash ($DASH) and Litecoin ($LTC).

Stocks / Shares

👨‍⚕️ I’m still LONG on $SAN.PA (Sanofi), which is a French company in the Healthcare sector, because it might be one of the companies that might find the vaccine for the Coronavirus. Good news has been released recently: “Sanofi and GSK will provide up to 300 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine to the European Union”.

I might be wrong on this, so I’ve invested only a small percentage on this stock, to reduce the risk of loss.

I’ve manually closed at profit all my LONG positions on these stocks: Easyjet ($EZJ.L), Uber ($UBER) and Intel ($INTC).

I’ve two LONG positions on Main Street Capital ($MAIN) because it looks like a good stock to get monthly dividends. It pays about 8% per year. I’m planning to buy more of this stock every month to start building some passive income.

Orders and Balance

I have some pending orders on $TQQQ and Bitcoin ($BTC), in case the prices fall more.

I’m also keeping some cash available on balance to use for future opportunities.

Copy my investment portfolio

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💰 Recommended copy amount: $2000 or more

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I’m not a financial advisor.

Any opinions that I publish may be wrong and may change at any time.

You should always carry out your own independent verification of facts and data before making any investment decisions.

If you are unsure of any investment decision you should seek a professional financial advisor.

I do not accept any liability for any loss or damage which is incurred from you acting or not acting as a result of reading any of my publications.

You acknowledge that you use the information I provide at your own risk.

eToro Disclaimer

Please be aware that all trading involves risk. 75% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. This content is for educational purposes only and is not investment advice.


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