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This is the August 2023 eToro Portfolio Update.

PI Statistics

I am an Elite Popular Investor at eToro.
My username is vincenzost.
Currently, about 300 people are investing in my portfolio.
I am managing a total of around $300,000.
The risk score of my portfolio is 4, which is good.
In the past 2 years, my portfolio has made about 80% profit.

Portfolio’s Performance

August has been a negative month for both cryptos and US stocks.
Bitcoin fell about 11% and US stocks dropped about 2%.
For this reason, my portfolio closed negative at -5.58%.
I expected an overall correction, because August is historically a negative month on the financial markets, so I am not worried.

Market Forecast

On the equities side, the Federal Reserve Chairman Powell has recently mentioned that more interest rate hikes could be necessary due to persistent core inflation.
This might add more pressure on US stocks.
On the crypto side, the fundamentals look bullish.
Big companies like Microstrategy are accumulating more bitcoin.
Paypal launched a stablecoin and more crypto regulations are coming.

My opinion

I remain very bullish on Bitcoin, especially regarding the news that multiple spot ETFs might be approved in the US in October.
That will allow also institutions to invest in Bitcoin and increase its adoption.
That is really great news.
Also, the next Bitcoin halving is happening in the next 8 months, which means that now is the time to buy and accumulate for the long term, as in the next 2 years we could finally expect a new bull run on Bitcoin.

Asset Allocation

The current asset allocation of my portfolio is as follows:

  • 36% Cryptos
  • 32% ETFs 
  • 2% Stocks
  • 30% Cash

Portfolio’s Strategy

I am gradually changing the asset allocation of my portfolio.
I am going to use the cash available to increase the exposure to cryptos, gold, silver and stock ETFs.
If you are already a copier, keep the copy open and add new funds to the copy every month.
Remember that this is an investment for the long term.
If you are not copying my portfolio, now is a great time to start investing.
I recommend investing at least $2,000. If you have invested less, consider adding more funds to the copy now.


My goals for this year are:

  • to keep the risk score low
  • post regularly on my eToro feed and my social media
  • to close the year in profit
  • increase the assets under management to over $500,000


If you have any questions, you can contact me on eToro or my social media accounts.
Follow me for more updates like this.
Hope you have an amazing day.

Copy my portfolio

If you want to invest in my portfolio, please follow these steps:
1. Create a new account on eToro, via the following link
2. Go to my eToro profile:
3. Click on COPY

Author: Vincenzo Stefanini
Founder at Osom One Digital Agency. Personal Finance, Investing, Money and Motivation