April 2024 eToro Portfolio Update (vincenzost)

Popular Investor Statistics

I am a Champion Popular Investor at eToro, waiting to be upgraded again to Elite very soon, once I reach the minimum amount of AUC.
My username is vincenzost.
Currently, about 206 people are investing in my portfolio.
I am managing around $340,000.
The risk score of my portfolio is 6.
In the last 5 years, my portfolio has made more than 500% profit, which is amazing!

Portfolio’s Performance

April 2024 has been a negative month for cryptos and stocks.
Bitcoin dropped 15% and Ethereum closed the month of April at -17%. Altcoins and crypto-related stocks have also decreased in value.
This is normal after many consecutive months of profit.
Unfortunately, my portfolio closed the month of April in negative at -19.75%.
However, as you know, this loss is not realised and there is plenty of time to recover and make huge profits this cycle.
Don’t be scared! We are still in a bull market in cryptos!
My portfolio this year is still in profit of 6.47%.

Market Forecast

The market sentiment was pushed down in April.
However, I remain very bullish on cryptos for this year and the next year.
The Bitcoin halving happened a few days ago and historically the 18 months following the halving see a parabolic rise in the Bitcoin price.
Fundamentals are still strong.
A spot Bitcoin ETF and Ethereum ETF were launched also in Hong Kong yesterday and we are waiting for the approval of the Ethereum ETF in the US.
We are still in a bull market which will continue in 2024 and 2025.
So, NOW is the time to buy and accumulate for the long term, don’t wait. This price drop is a great buying opportunity!
Don’t wait any more. Start investing now!

Crypto Conferences in Dubai

In April I attended 2 major crypto conferences in Dubai: Blockchain Life 2024 and Token2049.
There were both amazing conferences with many leaders and speakers from the crypto space.
I met a lot of people and the sentiment is very bullish.
We are all excited about the bitcoin halving and this bull market cycle.

Asset Allocation

The current asset allocation of my portfolio is as follows:

  • 53% Cryptos (decreased compared to last month)
  • 4% ETFs (decreased compared to last month)
  • 14% Stocks (no change compared to last month)
  • 29% Cash in balance (increased compared to last month)

Portfolio’s Strategy

I have optimized my portfolio in the past few months.
Overall, I have increased my exposure to altcoins and crypto-related stocks.
This rebalance will make sure that we will profit in the best way in this new crypto bull market.
If you are already a copier, keep the copy open and add new funds to the copy every month.
Remember that this is an investment for the long term, for at least the next 2 years.
If you are not copying my portfolio, now is a great time to start investing.
I recommend investing at least $2,000. If you have invested less, consider adding more funds to the copy now.


My goals for 2024 are:

  • increase the assets under management to over $500,000
  • to keep the risk score to medium
  • post regularly on my eToro feed and my social media
  • outperform Bitcoin


If you have any questions, you can contact me on eToro or my social media accounts.
Follow me for more updates like this.
I hope you have an amazing day.

Copy my portfolio

If you want to invest in my portfolio, please follow these steps:
1. Create a new account on eToro, via the following link https://www.vincenzostefanini.it/goto/etoro/
2. Go to my eToro profile: https://vincenzostefanini.it/goto/etoro-vincenzost/
3. Click on COPY

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Author: Vincenzo Stefanini
Founder at Osom One Digital Agency. Personal Finance, Investing, Money and Motivation