April 2022 eToro Portfolio Update

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April has been a negative month for my portfolio. 

It was down almost 13%.

So far, this year my portfolio is still negative, but this is normal. As you can see from the past, some months are positive and others are negative. I’m confident that we can still close this year in profit, so please be patient and keep the copy open for the long term.

As I mentioned, April has been a negative month. 

This is due to the announcement of the Federal Reserve to increase gradually the interest rates, to calm down the high inflation.

This brought down the crypto market and also the stock market.

I made a few changes to the portfolio, in order to increase the diversification.

I opened new hedge positions and low risk assets, such as Gold, Silver, Bonds and single stocks.  

Last month I closed some positions in profit, specifically related to hedge assets.

Despite this, I still have plenty of cash available in balance to use when there is an opportunity.

I’m still expecting this year to be volatile for all asset classes, due to inflation, the central banks’ monetary policy changes and the war in Ukraine.

However, I am confident that we can still make a profit.

The recent drop in the market is temporary and I am expecting new all-time highs this year on the crypto market and the stock market.

So, if you are already a copier, it’s better to keep the copy open. 

Remember that this is an investment for the long term.

So even if in the short term my portfolio goes down, in the long term my portfolio has always made a profit.

I am an “Elite” Popular Investor on eToro.

I am really grateful to the 

450 people investing in my portfolio that are investing in total of around $600,000.

Some investors have stopped the copy last month, I guess because they are scared from the drop in the market, however, selling at loss is not beneficial. Instead, if your copy is down a lot, consider adding more funds to the copy. In this way, you will reduce the average buying price and therefore make more profit once the market recovers. Remember that you are not really losing if you don’t sell and the market always recovered in the long term, so, if you can wait, it’s better to keep the copy open.

My goals are: to keep the risk score to 5, maintain the portfolio diversification to reduce the drawdown and close this year in profit.

Vincenzo Stefanini

Popular Investor presso eToro


Author: Vincenzo Stefanini
Founder at Osom One Digital Agency. Personal Finance, Investing, Money and Motivation