Ideas and recommendations

Apply them daily

Keep these positive habits forever

Personal Development

  • Take a break from the news
  • Read a book
  • Learn a new skill
  • Write 3 reasons to be grateful for
  • Follow your passion
  • Smile, be happy and stay positive
  • Keep your daily routine
  • Meditate


  • Take care of your body
  • Eat healthy food and keep your diet
  • Exercise every day
  • Relax and sleep
  • Boost your immune system
  • Take vitamin C and D
  • Remain hygienic
  • Drink fresh water


  • Spread love and kindness
  • Connect with others
  • Stay in touch with friends and family


  • Track your expenses and income
  • Learn investing and trading
  • Reduce to zero your consumer debts
  • Start an online business


  • Donate to charities
  • Help others



Author: Vincenzo Stefanini
Founder at Osom One Digital Agency. Personal Finance, Investing, Money and Motivation