The Bitcoin price is gaining bullish momentum: will it last?

Bitcoin Technical Analysis – Daily Timeframe

The Bitcoin price broke above the 21-day MA (blue moving average) two days ago.

This is a positive sign, as the price has been trading below this key moving average for many days.

If the price can remain above it and break the resistance at $17,000, we could see a retest of the $17,600 resistance level.

On the other hand, if the Bitcoin price doesn’t hold the 21-day MA, it will likely retest the support level at $15,400.

Overall, for the past few weeks, the Bitcoin price has been trading sideways in a range between around $15,400 and $17,600 and it’s still not able to break outside this range.

The break outside this wide trading range, in any direction, will likely be a strong move with high volatility.

The price is still trading well below all the key moving averages, which is a bearish sign, however, if this break is confirmed, it could be the beginning of a new potential uptrend.

The daily RSI is still in the bearish area, at 48, but higher than yesterday.

Sentiment Analysis – Crypto Fear and Greed Index

The “Crypto Fear & Greed Index” is still in “Fear” mode today, at 27, higher than last week.

However, crypto investors feel more bullish now, after the latest speech of Jerome Powell regarding the FED’s monetary policy.

This might provide some support to the price, in the short term.

Bitcoin Dominance

The Bitcoin dominance remains at around the 40% level.

It has been moving sideways between the 39% and 42% levels in the past 2,5 months.

It’s possible that the dominance will increase, as investors understand it’s safer to hold Bitcoin right now, rather than altcoins.

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