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In this article, I’m going to explain how you can earn passive income automatically.


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Who am I?

First of all, if you don’t know me, my name is Vincenzo Stefanini. I’m the Founder of Osom One, a Digital Agency. We create websites for companies and individuals. In addition to my passion for technology and everything related to the web, in the past years, I’ve been interested in learning more about investing and trading, so I studied and I have attended professional courses where I have learned different strategies that can work on any type of market. I have been awarded the “CISI Level 3 Certificate in Wealth & Investment Management“.
The qualification ensures that I understand the range of assets and investment products that are available in the market and find appropriate solutions to meet the investment, retirement and protection planning needs of my clients. I believe is very important to take control of our finances, especially during a period of uncertainties like the one we are living in right now. I also believe that passive income is the key to reaching financial independence. I have been investing and trading for the past 5 years and my performances have improved significantly over time.


I am an “Elite” Popular Investor on eToro.
Currently, about 350 people are investing in my portfolio with a total of around $350,000.

What is passive income?

Passive income is income that requires little to no effort to earn and maintain.
Investing is one example of passive income.
Passive income can be a great way to help you generate extra cash flow, especially during periods of uncertainties or financial crises like the one we are experiencing right now.
With passive income, you can have money coming in addition to your primary job (or business) and it can give you extra security.

What is the potential return on this investment (ROI)?

In 2020, my investment portfolio has performed really well, despite the period of uncertainty and volatility in the market. In fact, my annual performance is more than 218%, which means that I have more than tripled (3.1x) my initial investment. Imagine for example to triple your money, from $10,000 to $30,000 or from $100,000 to $300,000. It’s an amazing result, especially if you consider that the average return of the stock market is about 8% per year. You can see below my monthly performances for 2021 and the previous performances in 2020 (the numbers are percentages).
In 2021, I have made over 170% profit, which means that I have more than doubled (2.7x) my investment in 2021.
Last year, in 2022, my portfolio had a negative performance, but this is normal.

As you can see from the past, some months are positive and others are negative, because the market moves up and down, but in the long term I am always making a profit.
cannot guarantee a fixed return and also past performances are not an indication of future results.
For this reason, I suggest always investing for the long term (more than 2 years).

How does it work?

Why am I showing you my results? Well, because there is a way for you to make the same results in an automatic way!

  • You don’t need investing or trading skills (you don’t need to pay thousands for a professional trading course, as I did)
  • You don’t need to install any software (this is NOT an automatic trading BOT)
  • You don’t need to spend time every day managing your trades (as I do)
  • This is not a get rich quick scheme
  • This is perfectly legal
  • I don’t take your money, the money is deposited on the trading platform and I don’t have direct access to your money
  • This is not a network marketing system

How is that possible then? A broker allows people to automatically copy all the trades of a professional trader and then replicate their results. This works 24/7 (so basically even when you sleep or eat, or work or you are on holiday for example). I know it sounds like a dream but it’s actually possible!

What do I invest in?

I invest mainly in cryptocurrencies (80% of allocation) because they are very volatile and therefore the potential return is much higher than stocks. However, this means a higher risk, and possibly the partial or total loss of the initial investment. Therefore, this type of investment portfolio is not ideal for everyone, but only for people willing to take a risk in order to make a much higher return. Also, this type of investment works better for the long term (months or years), because there is time to recover a potential loss and is possible to multiply your money over time thanks to the compounding effect.

What’s the minimum investment?

The minimum amount required by the broker is 200 USD, but I suggest investing at least 2000 USD, in order to get a better return. Anyway, it’s possible to increase the capital invested at any time. I actually suggest adding new funds every month, in order to benefit from new positions (this is what I do). I also suggest keeping the capital invested for at least 2 years. However, the capital can be disinvested and withdrawn at any time. I recommend investing only the money that you don’t need for your necessities. You can deposit and withdraw the capital in any currency (euro, pound, dollar, etc), but the capital will always be converted into USD (dollars). You can deposit via bank transfer or debit/credit card or via Paypal.

What do I need to start?

  • Capital to invest ready on your bank account.
  • Paypal account (recommended but not essential).
  • A copy of your ID (like passport or driving licence)
  • A copy of a proof of address (like a bill or a bank statement)

Steps to follow to invest

Now I am going to show you the registration process.
I recommend doing this process from your computer if you can. If you don’t have a computer you can still do it from your smartphone.


  • Fill in your details to register to the platform/broker



Once you have completed the registration, confirm your email address and access to the eToro website using your username and password.


Click on the “Deposit Funds” button, insert the amount you want to deposit, select your currency and choose your preferred payment method.
Once your payment is confirmed, you can see the amount deposited at the bottom of the Portfolio page. Now you are ready to invest.


Verify your account

Since you are a new user, only the first time you will need to provide some personal information in order to verify your identity.
Fill in your info as in the example screenshots below.

Once you submit your answers, the eToro team will verify your info and approve your account (it might take a few days).
In the meantime, you should be able to start investing up to 2000 EUR.
After the verification, you can deposit additional funds without limits.


Click again on the Deposit Funds” button, insert the amount you want to deposit, select your currency and choose your preferred payment method.

Start the investment – Copy Trader

Now that you have deposited funds into your account, you can start investing.
On the search bar on the top, type “vincenzost” and click on my profile.

Or click on this link to go there directly: https://vincenzostefanini.it/goto/etoro-vincenzost/
Click on the button “Copy”.



You might see a popup message, click on confirm.   Type the amount you want to invest, click on edit, then click on “ratio”. On the ratio box, select 5%. Check the box “copy open trades” and confirm.



Check portfolio performance

Once the copy is started, click on Portfolio from the menu and you will see a row indicating the amount invested and the actual profit/loss. When you open the copy for the first time you will see a performance negative. This is normal, it’s because of the spread between the buy and sell prices. It will go into profit in the upcoming days. You can check the status of the investment from the Portfolio page. You can also check from the mobile app. Just to remind you that this investment is for the long term (years), so you don’t really need to check the performance every day, you can check once a month for example.


Add new funds

When you want to add more funds to the copy, click on the wheel icon on the right-hand side of the copy and click on “Add Funds”.

Choose the amount to add and confirm to deposit the new funds.


Remove funds

If you want to remove funds from the open copy, click on the wheel icon on the right-hand side of the copy and click on “Remove Funds”. Choose the amount to remove from the copy and click on “Update”.


Withdraw funds

From the menu, click on “Withdraw Funds”.



Choose the amount to withdraw and click on “Submit”.


Questions and support

If you have any questions or need support on this opportunity send me an email.

You can follow my investment updates on Telegram at https://t.me/vincenzo_stefanini_investing

For technical support regarding the eToro platform, please get in touch with their customer service directly.

Copy my investment portfolio

✅ Copy open positions and keep the copy for the long term.

💰 Recommended copy amount: $2000 or more

Copy my portfolio


I’m not a financial advisor.

Any opinions that I publish may be wrong and may change at any time.

You should always carry out your own independent verification of facts and data before making any investment decisions.

If you are unsure of any investment decision you should seek a professional financial advisor.

I do not accept any liability for any loss or damage which is incurred from you acting or not acting as a result of reading any of my publications.

You acknowledge that you use the information I provide at your own risk.

eToro Disclaimer

Please be aware that all trading involves risk. 67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. This content is for educational purposes only and is not investment advice.


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Author: Vincenzo Stefanini
Founder at Osom One Digital Agency. Personal Finance, Investing, Money and Motivation